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How can instructors be more helpful to their audience?

Good instructors simplify concepts in such a way that they make even difficult notions or new knowledge sound easy and attractive. Their focus in on the audience as individuals (not as a group) and not on themselves.

The specific needs of a certain audience are always a priority and seriously working to meet these needs becomes the main concern of a professional instructor. Analyzing the audience in advance in terms of professional backgrounds, expectations and future ambitions would help the instructor produce relevant learning interventions and would engage the group even more. In addition, a thorough business analysis (in alignment with the market’s demands) would help to decide what skills would be necessary in order to reach the organization’s objectives and vision.

What’s more, instructors must have good mentoring skills and reassure the learners that they are there to provide support and anticipate the dynamics of learning, without hindering their progress through unnecessary interference. Being far-sighted is important because things change so fast and we need to adapt and tackle new challenges. What’s more, instructors should be characterized by an easy-going nature because being approachable and friendly would eliminate barriers in communication and thus in the process of learning.

Furthermore, another important aspect is the fact that instructors should motivate the audience to be self-demanding and results-driven. Setting and reaching goals would help them set other, higher goals and thus creating a personal learning culture that becomes a habit. As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”. However, goals should be achievable and realistic. Otherwise, not reaching them would produce feelings of frustration and reduction of motivation. Self-confidence is gradually built as we are challenged by acquiring new knowledge, reaching new goals and mastering new skills.

In order to overcome our weaknesses and build on our strengths, we should invest time and energy and cultivate a positive ambition to continue being motivated- no matter the circumstances. One of the ways to get inspiration is through the temperament of the instructors themselves. Passion and energy are contagious and if we transmit the idea that learning is fun- it will definitely be treated as such. Respecting their time is vital cause adults’ spent time with us means sacrificing it from something else. This is why we need to be very practical and to the point. Last but not least, the process of feedback plays an important role in improving our practices and creating the right learning environment and mindset where people develop and thrive.

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