Why is FLOW important?


When we are in the state of Flow, we perform at our peak. Not only do our productivity levels soar, but we also experience a deep sense of satisfaction. Work becomes a source of enjoyment. Flow is being in the zone, getting into the groove – in other words, being in a totally optimal state for peak performance. It is that magical time when everything seems to come together – you become fully immersed in the activity, fears and insecurities melt away, action becomes spontaneous, and you feel fully alive and in the present moment.


FLIGBY is a well-known, award-winning leadership and management simulation game.

It is based on the FLOW theory and is provided through a blended-learning approach. You can both enjoy the comfort of playing it at your own pace as well as the value of having a highly professional debriefing in your company premises.


At the end of the simulation, a detailed assessment report is generated for you which is a great tool for reflecting on your skills and serves as a guide to develop them further.

To achieve maximum benefits from simulating the manager of a business activity, consultancy and support is offered by a certified trainer. 

You can develop and measure the following 29 Leadership Skills:


Emotional Intelligence


Entrepreneurship  Execution


Future Orientation

Information Gathering

Intuitive Thinking






Personal Strengths


Social Dynamics

Stakeholder Management 

Strategic Thinking

Teamwork Management

Time Management

Time pressured Decision-Making

Active listening

Analytical skills Assertiveness

Balancing Skills 

Building Engagement 

Business-Oriented Thinking 






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