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Compensation Management
✔ Incentive Scheme design both short and long-term
✔ Design, implementation and maintenance of performance management systems linked to
the above
✔ Equal pay audits
✔ Compensation surveys and benchmarking
✔ Job profiling and job Evaluation

Organizational Restructuring​

We apply a hands-on approach to reviewing work and workflows in your organizational structure.  ​​

Business Re-engineering

We offer two options, a full business re-engineering approach or using our methodology to determine workloads and process flows in an organization, work area or for one
position only. The primary purpose of these projects is to optimize process efficiency whether it is
technical or non-technical in nature.

Organizational climate and value studies

Our model integrates both individual and organizational drivers of human behavior and excellence respectively. High-value congruence, within groups and between that of the overall organization is a direct reflection of the organizational climate, cultural values established and subscribed to by groups in the organization.

Assessment centers

We develop and do not sell of the shelf assessment centers. Each assessment center is developed based on the unique competencies and features of organizations and individuals working within the organization.

Competency frameworks

We offer assistance with the development of competency frameworks and development paths for organizations.

Leadership Development

Maarten holds the licence rights for the Swedish Farax leadership assessment and coaching model. DuPCon provides a unique approach to leadership assessment and development linked to both the current and strategic leadership needs of organizations. ​​The model identifies leadership gaps between individuals, teams, departments and the organization enabling the ability to create congruence with coaching and other interventions.

Research and Data Analytics

Our research offering is unique in that we provide a full “academic” research possibility to clients, to study unique problems in their organization, industry or industry the sector, etc. We use advanced methods to design questionnaires, obtain data and statistical approaches to analyze and interpret data.

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Maarten Du Plessis
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